20 May 2009

short cut, temporary city, Berlin

Temporary City was an exhibition that started from the basis: the artist. No theme or curator was involved. During the course of one week fifteen artists worked in the Atelierhof Kreuzberg and challenged, negotiated and discussed their respective practices in order to use these as a base to develop an exhibition. Their works were presented on an architectural structure, an ‘obstacle’ designed for the show by Andreas Müller.

The construction that Andreas Müller had designed for the Temporary City project in Berlin had the intention to trigger the artists. When I first saw the construction within the empty space before the artists began to work with it, I thought it had more features of an artwork than of an architectural intervention. The intention it revealed to generate creativity touched what I consider as the essence of what art is: an open frame that generates things. Therefore, using it as a background for an artwork of mine was no option.

So, I developed the idea of cutting through the installation, and, in extension, through the whole exhibition by placing two white walls. As such, I wanted to create an emptiness again, without an excess of personally interpreted creative urge. At the same time, my intervention provoked a strongly physical experience.

The fact that the corridor started at the entrance and ran directly into the room that served as cafeteria gave the work an ironic twist. My intervention made it possible to run straight across the exhibition. When I saw that the people of the catering used the corridor as the easiest way to bring in the beverages, I felt that my work was successful. 

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