10 September 2016


voices (film, 2016)

Voices starts from recordings of stories / voices from local residents of the Tarwewijk in Rotterdam. 
These stories were collected during the production of short cut Tarwewijk, but did not end up in the final video. During (the course of) two afternoons, these stories / voices from local residents were used as material by local children during a singing workshop in a music studio. A video was made of these workshops in which the political potential of the voice is central.  A double, contrasting transfer takes place. Stories that express the moral and political visions of local residents (a kind of linguistic / mental architecture) are passed on (as is the case in life), but in addition there is a learning process that focuses on the voice and its physical, material characteristics. A dichotomy continues to exist between the stories and the musical experiments. The space of art and that of the tarwewijk and life there do not really merge or serve each other but rather comment on each other.