29 September 2009


The work that I developed for the Versus exhibition started from the dynamics and idealistic drive of the young artists-organizers. Versus was a low budget initiative, but for the realization of the works there was made an appeal to networks of local people and companies. Therefore, I wanted to make a work that explicitly made use of these networks and emphasized its dynamics. Actually, responding to the specific context is always a very important factor in the creation of my work. Together with a teacher and the students of a local technical secondary school, I worked towards an image that translated the power and energy of both the Versus initiative and the youngsters. A black Renault Clio was turned upside down and the necessary adjustments were made to enable the car to keep on running, however without moving forward. The car (an object that is closely connected to the lives of these youngsters) was stripped of its functionality and was turned into a referring object. During a performance at the opening night of the exhibition, the physical power that the car developed was shown as a dynamic spectacle - accompanied by a drummer and T-shirts printed with technical details of the car.

(images made during the rehearsal of the performance)