8 December 2013

Stijn Van Dorpe and Robbrecht Desmet organise, in collaboration with FLACC workplace for visual artists, an afternoon of lectures, presented both by themselves and by fellow artists invited by them. 

At the heart of this idea lies their profound interest in each of these otherwise very different practices. In this way, Van Dorpe and Desmet hope to put together a diverse programme that aims to provide a broad image of a particular field, rather than focusing on individual practices. The lectures explore the overlap between the different practices of the fellow artists and the working methods of Desmet & Van Dorpe. Apart from Desmet & Van Dorpe, the following artists speak about their work:
Artist Achim Lengerer works with questions of language which he either thematises in his performances or spatialises in his installations.
Brussels-based artist couple Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat have been working together for several years, creating works in the audio-visual field. Their work challenges the performative aspects of the moving image.
Nico Dockx works from a fundamental preoccupation with archives and structural processes such as data, memories, information, distribution and management. His installations, publications, soundscapes, texts and videos are often the outcome of collaborations with other artists and investigate the relationship between perception and remembrance, allowing multiple interpretations to emerge.
Femke Snelting is an artist and designer who develops projects at the intersection of design, feminism and freeware. Together with Renee Turner and Riek Sijbring, she forms De Geuzen (a foundation for multi-visual research); she is also a member of the association for arts and media Constant and is active in the experimental design agency OSP.
Robbrecht Desmet is a filmmaker living in Brussels. His films are portraits of landscapes, places and spaces that form – in one way or another – a substantial part of the memory of a specific artwork. His filmmaking is dedicated to the documentation of the life and afterlife of these artworks, their meaning and their history.
By creating installations and actions, Stijn Van Dorpe investigates the language of art, the way it is constructed, used, presented and read, and the way in which it relates to social environments. He aims to sharpen our ideas on reality within a certain framework or a given context.