25 March 2017

short cut tarwewijk (2017)

"I decided to turn the walk in the Tarwewijk into an annual event. It is the intension to shift the trajectory every year. In this way, new locations will come to be included, and visited. Unlike a one-time event, which the artist leaves, once it is finished, to find new locations to put in the spotlight, a long-lasting, recurring project requires the artist, as creator, to focus on the local happening, in other words, on the community of the very place in which it is held. The focus of the project comes to lie on the annually recurring development of the project. In this way, new contacts will be created, new people will become involved, new dialogs entered into."

"Only by making it an annual ritual can the short cut become more than a mere gesture. It can become rooted and leave a deeper mark. At the same time, this way of working also inplies a great unknown. An important question is for instance: which structure will/can/may the project adopt so that it may continue as an annual event? And in which way can this project be supported by the residents? And what is/will be my role as an artist?"

some pictures of the 2017 walk:

photo's taken by: Erik van den Akker, Despina Papachristoudi and George van den Handel/ with support CBK Rotterdam